How To Stop Hair Fall


How to stop hair fall is the most common question that youngsters are asking.
Hairfall is the most common issue today that we are facing. Both men and women are facing this problem, in some cases, it starts from an early age which is not good at all. Hairfall is very dangerous if it is not taken seriously, some people avoid it and don’t take it seriously and later on they find that it is very late now our most of the hair has fallen out from our head.
In India it is a very common problem, this problem can start from 15-16 aged can face this problem.
We have to take it very seriously this problem cannot be neglected.
First of all, we should know why hair fall starts.
Hair fall occurs due to the lack of nutrition, some medical problems, stress and heredity in some cases.
Let’s talk about deeply about it,
Lack of nutrition
Lack of nutrition is the most common reason for hair fall, this happens because we are not eating a healthy diet, nutrition is very important to stop hair fall.
Hairfall does not occur immediately it starts slowly when your body will not get the proper nutrition your hair gets weaker and starts falling.
Medical problems
In some cases, hair fall starts if someone has some dangerous diseases, the diseases in which the immune system gets weaker, heavy hair fall starts in these types of diseases.
In this case, hair fall should be stopped immediately otherwise it can be very dangerous, it can make you bald very soon you don’t even realize.
The main reason and very common in youngsters.
There is a lot of stress we are facing due to our professional life and personal life, nowadays it is very hard to make a distance from the stress.
Stress encourages hair loss in most of the cases, you will not feel at the initial stage but you feel after a long time when you would already lose most of the hairs.
This cause is found in most of the people in India, and they don’t know how to deal with this serious problem. There are some solutions which can be done in the case of heredity to reduce the hair fall.


Add vitamins

Vitamin A and B are very useful for the hairs. These vitamins stop hair fall and grow new hair.
Vitamins are very necessary for our skin and hairs, especially vitamin A and B.
A vitamin produce sebum and B vitamin keeps its color they both are very important for hairs.
Vitamin E is also helpful in the hair loss this vitamin improves the blood circulation so that it can promote hair growth.
Vitamin A is found in carrot, sweet potatoes.
Vitamin B is found in meat and fish.
Vitamin E is found in nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils.

Message your scalp regularly with essential oils

Head massage is also very important to prevent hair loss and grow new hair.
The message will improve the blood circulation in the head which is very much required.
Use different types of oils like coconut oil and almond oil. These oils give best results and if you have dandruff also then u also get benefit from it.
Massage your scalp at least twice a week before bed for 3-5 minutes and wash your hair in the morning with a mild shampoo.
Don’t oil your hair in day time only oils your hair at night time because if you use the oil at day time and go out site your hairs will get dust you may lose more hairs because of dust.

Use a good natural hair fall shampoo

Only use natural products on your hairs.
Use a good mild shampoo twice a week or when you massage your head.
A good shampoo can stop hair fall immediately can give you very good results in a short time.
There are many very good shampoos are available in the market, don’t go for too much expensive to buy that you can afford.

Reduce stress

Stress can make you bald if you don’t resolve this issue, stress promotes hair loss and other health problems which are very dangerous for health.
Try to avoid stress you will feel the difference that your hair stops falling immediately.
You can do some physical activities to feel stress-free.

Stop using hair styling products

Stop products like hair gel, hair wax, hair styling creams.
They contain a lot of harmful chemicals which is not good for healthy hair
Men use these types of harmful products most like hair gels and hair wax, avoid using these products.
Hair fall stops in men if they don’t use these products.
Use only natural products which do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Hair color is also a reason of hair fall it is very harmful to our hair, Hair color contains a lot of harmful chemicals which forces hair loss.

Add this food in your diet

Some foods are very good for our hair and we are not eating them they have hair growth properties in them.


Eggs are very helpful in hair growth and have essential protein in it.
Our hair follicles are made up of protein and due to lack of protein follicles gets weak and we lose our hairs.
Keratin is the protein that is required for hair health, complete the consumption of keratin form the food if you want to stop hair fall naturally.


Nuts are a very good source of healthy fat which contains the omega 3, 6 ,9.
Omega is necessary for the skin health and hair also, very fewer foods have omega acids nuts is a very good source of omega it is very helpful in preventing hair fall.

Those people who are eating healthy and clean, they will not face the problem but the people who are not eating clean maybe they are not facing this problem now but in future, they will definitely face this problem. So it is better to change your diet now if you don’t want to lose your hair.


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