How to lose fat


Most of the people fail in fat loss because they don’t have proper knowledge of nutrition and body.
If you want to lose weight you should have to be very focused on your goal.
You have to work on your calorie intake to make a proper diet plan to achieve your goal.
To achieve this goal there is only one way that you have to be in caloric deficit this is the only truth behind the fat burning and it is also scientifically proved.
What is caloric deficit lets know about it,
We all have a unique calorie maintenance level, it is the level that our body requires the calories to perform the daily tasks like walking, cardio exercise or any physical activity.
Energy to do all these things is known as calories.

calorie intake for fat loss

Calorie intake

1. Equal
If we are consuming the same amount of calories that we need than we are not losing weight, we are maintaining yourself, our weight will be the same no gain- no loss because our body needs the same and we consume the same.
2. Surplus
If we exceed the number of calories and the requirement of the body is not that much that we consume and if the excess calories did not burn then the excess amount of calories that we consume will be stored as fat.
This is called the caloric surplus and the reason for weight gain.
3. Deficit
We all are interested in this topic that is a caloric deficit.
When we take the fewer calories than our requirement (maintenance level- no gain no loss) then our body finds some other source of energy that is stored fat in our body, it will be used as the energy and we will get the results, This is the only way to do it.
Exercise and calorie deficit can only make us slim.
In a calorie deficit, you will also feel that you are burning belly fat also.
If you are in caloric deficit and doing regular exercise you will get the best results.
You are in caloric deficit and you are doing exercise it means that you are consuming less and burning more, your body does not have any other option to produce energy.
Our body will use the stored fat as energy when we exercise and following a caloric deficit diet.

Eat clean

You have to eat a clean diet that must be low in calories, avoid junk food, oily food, add some fruits and boiled vegetables in your diet.
In some weight reducing diet plans, we also lose our muscle size that we don’t want to lose because of the lack of protein in the diet. Most of the trainers recommend a high protein diet in weight loss program.
Follow a low carbs high protein diet, this diet will help you in lose fat and build muscle.
Protein helps you in maintaining the muscle, you will not lose your muscle if you are consuming enough protein according to your body requirement and you will only lose weight that you want.
Some people want to reach their goal in very less time, they don’t want to spend much time they only want quick results.
They want to lose fat in a week or in a month for them I want to tell them that losing weight fast is not healthy, our body needs time to transform.
If you still want to do it then eat very low and exercise more,
When you start this your body retains a lot of water and you will lose it in less time.
First of all, you will lose fat from the face it will become slim when you start the crash diet and after that, you may feel that you are getting very good results.


Cardio is the most important factor because cardio is an exercise to burn more calories and it also keeps your heart healthy, you will feel more energetic for the whole day.

Treadmill and running

Running and jogging are best cardio exercises, they are the best calorie burning exercises, these will make more sweaty and build your stamina.
Every day you will feel the results in body weight and you will your stamina is also increasing.
Those who cannot run they can start from walking.
If you have overweight thighs and legs you will burn thighs fat and from legs.


Cycling is another option for burning calories this exercise makes our legs stronger.
Try to spend more time on cycle because it is not hard, we can continuously run cycle for 20-30 minutes according to our needs. Cycling is helpful in increasing metabolism rate and lower down body fat levels, improves blood circulation in the lower body and strengthen our legs muscles.
Research also proved that those who use cycle more they have very healthy lungs and heart.

Rope skipping

This is a very good exercise for those who don’t want to go outside for exercise. Rope skipping can be exercised at home also there is no need to go outside.
According to science, jumping burns more calories than running.
It is completely fun, even kids like to do it they play rope skipping.
Improves heart health and makes our legs bones strong and very helpful in burning belly fat very fast.


Swimming will tone you up and slim down your body, it is one of the best cardio exercises.
It needs a lot of efforts, it is the best calorie burning exercise. Swimming put a lot of pressure on your muscles it is very good for muscles also, not only fat but also for muscles

Weight training

If you want to maintain your muscle size and want to lose fat also then you have added weight training in your workout.
Lifting weights burn more calories even after workout your body burn calories.
The most important point is you can target more on a single body part like you lose fat from arms.
If you have more fat on arms then it can help you
But are some confusions that what to do light weights or heavy weight and low reps or high reps.
Let me clear your confusion, if you want to build muscle you can do heavy weight low repetitions, the science behind this concept is when you are building muscle you don’t have to burn calories and have to consume more calories, when you lift heavy your muscle tissue breaks down and when you consume the protein after workout your muscle tissue will repaired and you will gain size of muscle.
But when are you losing weight you have to burn more calories that mean you have a workout for a long time if you are lifting light weights then only you can lift for a long time and you will burn more calories.
Weight lifting also increases your strength, start from training a single muscle per day.
For example –
Day 1 arms (biceps+triceps) or you can do it alternately.
Day 2 chest (all three benches must)
Day 3 back (deadlift must)
Day 4 shoulder
Day 5 legs (squat must)
Day 6 rest
Day 7 rest
Include more compound exercise in your workout, compound exercises are very helpful in losing stomach fat.


Rest is the most important factor, if you are not resting properly your body will not give you the result.
Enough sleep and proper resting refresh your brain and you will feel more motivated and energetic.
Your focus and will power increase if your brain is relaxed, for relaxing your brain you have to rest enough.
Will power is very much required in dieting you have to control your appetite.
And for reducing belly fat very hard abs workout is needed you only work hard if you are resting properly, rest is most important, you will hit hard in the gym and in your workout sessions.
Even in muscle building rest is most important because when you are training a muscle your muscle tissue breaks down and for the recovery of the muscles your body needs rest.
Suppose you did not sleep well on that day how will you feel, you will feel headache and you will not like to do anything, your mind will not allow you to do some work properly, you will feel exhausted full day, you will ruin your whole day because of only one thing that you did not sleep properly.
So how can you control your diet and focus your mind in a workout if you are not feeling fresh?
Let us talk about the science behind it, our appetite is controlled by the hormones called leptin. Leptin is generated in the fat cells, if the leptin hormone is not produced in the stomach you will feel hungry you will eat a lot. Leptin can be produced if you are sleeping properly and your brain is relaxed.
Without rest, we cannot lose fat and gain muscle.
It is better to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every day.

Don’t use fat burners stay on natural diet

Fat burners are not necessary.
You will lose the weight by using fat burners but you will gain weight again when start eating and stops exercising.
It is not healthy, Fat cutters contain too much caffeine which is not healthy at all.
There is a sleep disorder called insomnia, a lot of people are suffering from insomnia because of these shortcuts.
Try to burn fat naturally without any shortcuts.
It takes time but you will get the best results if you are doing it naturally.


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