How to lose belly fat fast


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Belly fat is the most stubborn fat of our body. Belly fat directly effects on looks it makes your clothes tighter.

It can be difficult to lose abdominal fat if you don’t work hard.

Follow these steps

  1. Drink a lot of water

You have to drink a lot of water

Drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day it provides you lot of energy and keeps you hydrated

Water remove our body toxins, our body is 70% water so we to keep it hydrated.

Water is responsible for weight management of our body, and boost the immune system of the body, drinking water leads to a stronger immune system.

Drinking water is the easiest way to stay healthy and to maintain a perfect body mass index.

It is very helpful in losing belly fat fast for women and men both.

  1. Add protein in your diet

You have to consume high protein diets, protein helps in building muscle and weight loss.

Protein has low calories which is beneficial to achieve your goal and maintain your muscles, your body only targets your belly.

If you are looking to be more muscular and want to increase vascularity then protein is only key for you, adding more protein to your diet increase your muscle content and reduce fat content from the body.

It controls your body weight when you consume it you feel full.

Add eggs, chicken, and a good source of protein in your diet.

  1. Cut down carbs

Lower down the carbs is very beneficial in losing or burn stomach fat also.

You don’t have to follow a very tight carb cycle diet just consume 45-50 grams of carbs per day.

Avoid foods like white bread, pasta, sugary foods they have a very high content of carbs.

Low carbs diets are very helpful in weight management and control blood sugar level.

Note: High carbs intake will result in excess belly fat.

  1. Increase cardio exercise

Cardio is very effective in weight loss

Cardio exercises will burn more calories and keeps your heart healthy.

Reduce your rest and improve intensity during the cardio workout.

With the help of cardio you can lose the belly fat within a week, you will be able to see the difference within weeks.

  1. Lift the weights

Lifting weights in the gym is very helpful in burn belly fat.

If you are able to lift the weights then you should definitely go for it, whether you are men or women.

It burns more calories not only in the gym but also after the gym.

These are some belly fat burning exercises

Focus on these exercise like squat, deadlift, bench press, and abdominal workout.

  1. Avoid trans fats

Do not consume trans fat it leads you to a lot of heart disease, increase belly fat and health problems.

Trans fats are very high in calories avoid them as much as possible.

Stay away from trans fats.

  1. Avoid sugar and its products

Avoid sugar and sugary foods they contain fructose which is not good for health.

Excess sugar can make you fat if you don’t burn that sugar in the workout.

Extra consumption of sugar can make you diabetic and sugar patient which is very dangerous for health.

If u don’t stop consuming it you cannot lose fat.

You can lose belly fat fast at home if you avoid sugar.

  1. Use olive oil for cooking

Replace your cooking oil with olive oil.

Olive oil is the best oil available on the planet.

It can be used for cooking as well for garnishing.

Olive oil has essential fatty acids which lower down our cholesterol level and take care of the health of the heart.

  1. Sleep enough

Rest is the most important factor for health if you don’t rest properly then you will suffer from health problems and the main problem you face that you found that your weight is increasing.

Good quality sleep reduces your stress level and calms your brain so that it functions properly.

Your body mass index will be in healthy figures if you are sleeping enough.

Take the proper rest.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours every day, proper rest will boost up your metabolism and you feel more energetic, so you will able to put great efforts in your workout sessions.

And you can also lose belly fat without exercises.

  1. Don’t miss breakfast

We do not focus on breakfast because of our busy schedule, we always forget to have breakfast, it is a very big mistake that we are making.

Breakfast is very important because of it the first meal of the day, it gives us energy for the whole day to perform our tasks.

If we miss the breakfast we will feel more hungry and we consume more food that is not good and make us fat.

Breakfast should be consumed every day it will make you feel full for a longer time and you avoid the overeating.

It is the best way to control your hunger. You will eat less in your lunch if you already consumed breakfast.

Breakfast should be high in protein. You can have eggs, fresh fruits, and vegetable juice.

  1. Add some fat burning foods in your diet

Yes, some foods have fat burning properties, they are used very widely across the globe for this purpose.

Here are some foods


Mushroom is very widely used for its antioxidants properties and it is very good food for slimming down, It is very low in carbs and very high in water.

It is led with vitamin D, deficiency of vitamin D can lead to obesity.

Mushroom is food that helps you in feeling full and reduce your hunger.


Onion is very useful in shredding down. It is very low in calories.

It can boost metabolism as well as prevent us from gaining weight.

It contains quercetin that is very helpful for us.

Green peppers

Add green peppers in your daily diet they are very low in calories and also very high in vitamins that are essential for our body.

It is also a very good source of fiber which is very helpful in digestion and boosts up our metabolism.

Nuts  and seeds

Nuts and seeds are very high in protein and fiber.

They are very useful for losing lower belly fat for women.

They also contain essential fatty acids which are very helpful for our heart and brain.


Broccoli is low in calories and high in fiber. When it comes to green vegetables it comes in the first position for its high fiber content and weight loss properties.

You can target your belly fat if you add broccoli in your diet.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Do not consume alcohol, consuming alcohol will increase your waistline.

You will gain waistline instead of reducing it.

Alcohol directly effects on the waist area.

  1. Do not skip meals

If you are missing your meals then your metabolism will reduce down and you cannot achieve your goals.

Prepare your small 5-6 meals that are high in protein and consume them within the intervals of 3-3 hours. You will find that your metabolism is increasing and also you are eating less but feels full.

If you skip meals you will feel more hungry and you eat more than you need that is not good.

Mini meals are very helpful in control hunger.

  1. Intense workout

Increase the intensity of the workout.

When you increase the intensity of your workout you will burn more calories than the usual workout.

In other words, you have reduced the rest time between your exercise sets.

If you are taking rest of one minute between every set then you have to reduce it down to a half minute it will also increase stamina, your stamina will improve day by day and you feel very energetic during workout it encourage you to push more harder.

Most of the gym trainers believe in an intense workout for reducing belly fat fast for men.

Not only at the gym but also at home intense workout can be done, it is not necessary that you have to go to the gym for the intense workout it can be done anywhere.

At home, you can do some exercise like rope skipping, jumping, lunges, push-ups, chin-ups these are very good exercises for the cardio workout.

  1. Balance your diet

A balanced diet is a need for a healthy body.

You have to balance your diet, means balance your macros like protein, carbs, and fat.

A perfect balanced fat loss diet it should be in high in protein low in carbs and moderate in healthy fats.

Don’t consume too many carbs, lower down the carbs intake and increase the intake of protein.

Add some healthy fats in your diet like almonds, cashews, peanut butter, they will provide you energy for a long time.

And helps you in losing lower body fat.


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