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Most of us want to grow big biceps we tried everything to get it but we always fail in getting bigger biceps. when someone has good muscular arms he looks very good and impressive. So focus on getting more muscle size you should have to work very hard. Biceps is a very small muscle in our body it is not easy to grow it big. It takes time, hard work and consistency.
We hit the biceps in the gym every day to increase its size, we think that the more we hit in the gym the more we get in muscle size. It is not correct at all, if you are hitting a single muscle every day it will not grow and it will lose its size and strength. And after this when we do get results we get demotivated and lose hope and choose steroids to get the results.
This all is happening because we don’t have the correct and proper knowledge of muscle building. Your gym trainer is also not giving you good advice.
Let me tell you how can you get bigger arms.

1. Don’t train biceps every day

biceps training

As I already told you don’t have to train the biceps every day, if you train the biceps every day it will not grow instead of growing it you can lose its size.
Bicep muscle is very small muscle it doesn’t need to train every day, train only once in a week it is enough for the biceps to grow properly.
Hit the bicep muscle single time in one week, when you follow this schedule the muscle will get time to recover, after the recovery it can only grow.
Muscle needs time to recover if you are not giving time to recover it then it will not grow even single inch cannot be put up on the biceps.

2. lift heavy weights

heavy weight biceps exercise

Yes, you have to lift heavy weights when you are doing biceps exercise you have to lift heavy.
The more you lift the more you gain muscle size. To get bigger arms you have to do this, light weight lifting cannot help you in gaining bigger arms and biceps.
when you start your workout before lifting the heavyweights do a warmup first, because of the warmup your blood circulation will improve and you will get the maximum benefit.
After warm-up start from light weights, then slowly increase weight and end up your workout with the maximum that you can lift.
You will definitely gain the biceps size fast.

3. Eat a healthy diet

food for getting big biceps

Whether you are doing exercises every day, you are lifting heavy weights and you are doing everything in the gym that is necessary you will not get the results if you don’t eat a healthy diet.
Exercise alone cannot help you, exercise with a healthy diet will help you in getting good results.
Get big biceps at home if you are eating healthy and nutritious.
When you finish your biceps workout your muscle tissue breaks down at this time your muscle need protein to recover it, so it is necessary to take the protein immediately after the workout.
Protein helps in muscle recovery if you don’t take enough protein then you can lose your muscle size also.
Many of us want to build big biceps at home, I want to tell them at home is also possible but you have to buy some dumbbells, you can get bigger biceps by dumbells also at home.
At home, after exercise, you have to eat a high protein diet to get the best results.

4. Train your biceps with triceps

Done train your biceps alone, always hit it with the triceps.
This is because when we hit triceps with biceps our blood circulation will increase in the whole arms and will get more pump in the biceps.
Pumping is a very important factor to gain the size and maturity of a muscle.
You must have read that get big biceps in two weeks or without equipment that all these things are wrong you cannot get like this don’t believe that.
The only thing need is hard work and patience.
Always train biceps with triceps.

5. Take rest

rest after biceps workout

I mentioned this point in most of the articles because this point has its importance.
The rest is the most important thing in gaining the size because when our brain is relaxed then only it can perform other functions properly.
Proper rest can help you, there are people who are lifting heavy, eating well and are doing all the things that are required but not taking the rest properly they are not getting the results.
They are not getting the results only because “ they are not resting properly” they are training the biceps very hard even two times a week still not getting the results.
They are eating high protein diet with carbs and essential fatty acids still they are not getting the results.
Only because of rest they are not getting the results.
If you want to get big biceps in a short time then do these things:
1. Lift heavy
2. Eat healthily
3. Rest
4. Repeat
Follow these simple steps you will definitely feel the excellent results.
Bicep is a very small muscle and everyone is hitting the biceps very badly we don’t know the importance of rest to gain arms muscles.
Arms are engaged in all exercises whether it is chest, shoulder or back arms are engaged in all the exercises, so our arms need proper rest.
When we rest properly we can perform better in our next workout, we have the opportunity to hit more hard if we are taking the rest properly.
Believe me, you should try this, I can assure you, you will thank me later when you will achieve your goals and get the best results in your muscles.
Getting bigger arms is not a big deal if you are a hard worker and focused.
You should have patience you will definitely get the best results not early but definitely.


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