How to gain weight

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Sophia moore

We all want to stay fit and healthy all the time but we are not getting success in this. Most of us have fitness issues and some of us have health-related issues. In this world of health and fitness, we all have to maintain our health and physique. Today body weight is the most common issue in our lives, most of us are facing this problem, but today we will talk about how to gain weight.

Let’s know why are you underweight

Being underweight there may be several reasons like
You are not eating well.
You are not eating healthy meals.
Your eating habits are not good.
You are not eating the right food that is necessary.
You are not eating enough calories that are needed.
These above are some common reasons for being underweight.
So, what can we do for it to increase our body weight and reach to our fitness level?

Calorie intake

This solution is totally based on science no one can challenge it, a calorie is the main factor in weight management.
The more you eat the more you gain, simple.
Eat more calories, in other words, increase the quantity of the food that you are eating, you are not eating well that’s why you are underweight.
If you eat well you will get the results.

Switch to healthy food

Eat healthy food which is good for health, if you are eating junk food you cannot gain the weight, you will only gain body fat which is not good for health.

Add this food in your diet
Brown rice
Brown bread
Sweet potato
Nuts ( almonds, cashews, peanuts)
Peanut butter

You can gain weight fast if you eat these foods regularly.

Avoid Bad eating habits

Eating habits is very important, always eat food on time never delays your meal.
Eat 5-6 meals every day with the gap of 3 hours, if you follow this you will find that you are getting the results within a very short time.
Always eat slowly do not eat fast.

Add these nutrients in your diet

Carbs are very essential in gaining weight naturally, carbs give us energy.
Food with loaded carbs rice, potato, banana.

Protein with carbs makes an excellent combination.
They both are primary nutrients for increasing muscle mass.
Start your day with a healthy meal like bananas with milk or oats, if you do it, you can be benefited for a long time during the day.
If you are working out in the gym then avoid cardio exercise because if you do cardio exercise you born more calories, we don’t have to burn more calories we have to consume it more.
In gym lift heavy as much as you can and workout for a short time 45 min-60 min is enough.
Heavyweight and low reps are the key to success.
Whether you are men or women (girl) these weight gain tips will help you both.
Follow these steps carefully and gets a hundred percent result.


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