How to build muscle


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So, you want to know about how to gain muscle, I will provide the complete information that you need to know for the best results.
Everyone wants to be muscular to look fit and healthy but most of them do not gain muscles due to the lack of guidance and knowledge, here I will provide you the complete guidance for this.

Five major steps for it-

1. Workout timing and schedule

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The timing of the workout is important, whether it is in the morning or the evening you have to stick on the same time it may be in the morning or the evening, it will help your body to makes a proper routine and give you the best results. Most of the bodybuilders believe that morning is better for the workout because of the fresh air, but some bodybuilders believe the evening workout is best. So it depends on you how to choose your workout time that suits you and it helps you to build muscle faster.
4-5 workouts per week are sufficient.

2. Heavy Workout

If you want to gain muscle size you have to hit hard in the gym, you have to lift heavy weights and maintain the proper body posture during lifting weights.
When you lift the heavyweights your muscle tissue will break and you have to recover it by eating a healthy diet after the workout, the more you break the more you recover.
some people do not believe in compound exercises they only believe in train their biceps and arms they don’t even hit their legs even for their whole life they don’t know the importance of compound exercises and the importance of legs in their workout if you are hitting your legs harder than you can build the muscle naturally.

Compound exercises like squat, deadlift and bench press are very important because these exercises are hard to perform it take the whole body to the motion and also requires the very good strength to perform these exercise.

Compound exercises are the base of the bodybuilding if we are not doing the compound exercises we are not doing anything we cannot grow muscles if we are not doing the compound exercises.

It is only the compound exercises which help us in increasing our strength.
And we know that without the high strength we cannot lift the heavyweights and the heavyweights are very important to grow the muscles faster.
Compound exercises not only increase the muscle size but also increase the strength.
If someone wants to increase the strength the compound exercise is the only the key for him.

Try to lift as heavy as you can, start from the lightweight and end up with the heavy one always try to break your yesterday’s record of yourself.
Always try to do 1-2 reps more at the end of your every set, you can take someone’s support also.

3. Proper training

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You have to make a proper schedule for your training, it is believed that 4-5 workout per week is sufficient for this.
Make sure that you make a training schedule for the whole week, for this, you can take the help of your gym trainers.
Train single body part in a single day because muscle needs time in recovery if it does not recover you will not get the gain the size and if you are hitting the same body part every day you will not get the results, it needs time to recover.
Don’t think that you can in do exercise in the gym, you can build muscle at home also.
You can follow this schedule
Monday- Arms (biceps and triceps)
Note: you can train biceps and triceps in alternate days and you can also include forearms with it don’t do forearms separately.
Tuesday- chest
Wednesday- back
Thursday- shoulder
Friday- legs
Saturday and Sunday- rest
You can customize the above workout schedule according to you

4. Healthy diet

The only workout will not help you in gaining the muscle if you are not taking proper nutrition.
Diet plays a very important role in this without diet you cannot gain size of the muscle.
Right After the workout a high protein diet is required, you can take the protein supplements it gives you the instant recovery when you work out your muscle tissue breaks, protein is required to recover it.
The protein is the main nutrient that will only grow the muscle but with protein, there are other some nutrients which are also essential for our muscles they are fat and carbs and the protein is good for the muscle. When we workout hard in the gym the muscle tissues breakdown, to recover the muscle our muscle needs the high protein to recover it, so if you don’t consume the protein after a workout muscle cannot grow, so after workout muscle needs high protein. Muscle can be built in the gym with hard work only.
It is advised that the protein should be taken equals to the body weight, some of the gym trainers also believe that the protein should be taken to double your body weight. Because the body requires it in high amount.
For example, if body weight is 70 kg then you have to consume the 70-gram protein in a day, you can divide the 70-gram protein in three meals like one after workout meal should contain 30 grams of protein and the other two meals contain the 20 20 grams protein each.
It is a very good balanced diet.
Always try to consume the high-quality protein some of the high-quality protein foods are egg whites, fish and chicken breast that is the rich source of protein. Chicken breast is a complete lean protein that is very good for the muscle building.

And you can also use the protein supplements which are easily available in the market or you can purchase it online they are also giving good results to gain the muscle.

There are some other supplements like BCAA which is called the branch chain amino acid and glutamine they are very widely used. Some of the experts believe that BCAA is very essential for the muscle building it prevents the muscle from reducing down, When we do cardio with the muscle building program the BCAA helps to maintain our muscle size and helps in gaining muscle size also.
Eating the carbohydrate while growing the muscle is very important because carbohydrate contains the glycogen which gives us the energy to perform the functions.
But there is a condition while consuming carbs we should have to consume the right carbs like whole wheat bread, brown rice, sweet potato, etc they are the very good quality of carbs.
Only protein will not work in gaining big muscle size. It is very important to include the carbs with the protein. The carbs should be equal to the protein or maybe more than the protein. It is very important to eat some carbs before the work out because carbs give us energy while we are working out, it is very important to lift the heavyweights-only the carbs will give us the energy to lift heavy weights in the gym.
If you don’t take a rich protein diet you can lose your size.
You have to eat in 3-3 hours gap to get the best result
There are a lot of supplements in the market like whey protein, BCAA, creatine that helps in muscle building, you can also consider them by the advice of your gym trainers or if you have some health problems then consult your doctor before taking them.

5. The final and last step “REST” and be regular.

Yes, it is the most important step if you are gaining.
we need at least 6-8 hours sleep in a day for good health.
while building the muscle faster your focus should be very clear you have to be regular in your workouts, You don’t have to leave the workouts some people do not train their legs they skip the legs workout, That is why they are not able to build muscles properly they can build their upper body size but they are not able to build the lower body size which is not good at all our body should be properly developed.
Our legs are the base of our body the legs should be trained properly they should be trained like the other muscles of the body.
Be regular in the gym and workouts, do not skip the workouts
Dedication and nutrition is the only key.

The body need proper nutrition and rest to recover, if we are not taking proper rest we cannot gain, 1-2 day rest in a week is best for maximum results for muscle building.


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